A Better Plan for Hopeful Haitians Immigrants in Brazil

Brazil has had a long stand in taking part in Haiti’s mission, guaranteeing thousands of troops and culminating in President Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s exile. This was supposed to be the Brazil-United Nations peacekeeping role after the 2004 coup d’├ętat. It was part of the campaign by Brazil to prove its worthiness in matters of world security thereby earning it a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. The MINUSTAH, The United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti failed. »

After Math: Cities and Spectacles in Modern Brazil

The 2015 Urban Forum conference, Cities and Spectacle in Modern Brazil,” was recently hosted by the University of Chicago. Resident professor of Latin American History, Brodwyn Fischer’s goal was to attract different minds from the social sciences to discuss themes of environmentalism, economic development, culture, and urban planning in an effort to shed light on many timely and significant questions facing Brazil and possibly Chicago. How did the 2014 World Cup affect Brazilian underdeveloped areas? »